Argumentative Essay Topics

As you know, the English language needs a lot of writing. Argumentative essays should have in-depth research, writing, and analytical skills. For you to be perfect, you need to read and practice frequently. They train your training abilities. Here are the topics;

Easy argumentative paper topics

  1. Should we have free education?
  2. The reason US citizens are recording high obesity numbers
  3. Internet use must be sparingly used by students
  4. The military is a choice, and young people can pick it
  5. Must a student have a right to select courses he finds captivating?
  6. Advantages of the US system of education and what it offers to international students
  7. Secondary languages you can learn today
  8. Commercialization of education
  9. Effectiveness of SAT and ACT
  10. Pros and cons of an MBA program

Topics for Sports argumentative essay

  1. How to help teenagers to sustain weight that is considered healthy.
  2. Relationship between physical education and the system of schooling
  3. Negative academic performance and NCAA participation
  4. The unbreakable sport record
  5. The possibility that Micheal Jordan is a basketball champion.

Topics for Argumentative essay targeting middle school

  1. Relationship between weight, food, and fitness
  2. Downsides of diets
  3. People should join in the fight against anorexia
  4. Sleep more to regulate health issues
  5. Demand for golf
  6. Banning of team sports activities for steroid takers
  7. Swimming is the best type of sport
  8. Dangerous sports and hockey

Argumentative essay topics for college

  1. Tobacco sales and production must be illegal
  2. Should sentence by death get activated in every country?
  3. Smoking should get banned in public places
  4. Controlling alcohol usage
  5. Alcohol beverage should not get sold after 11 pm
  6. Banning of energetic drinks
  7. Documentation of court proceedings for television
  8. Suitable age to vote
  9. What is the right age for citizens to drink and smoke?
  10. Was Europe’s industrial revolution a phenomenon?

Classical argument topics

  1. Forbid the use of animal species for research purpose
  2. Rainforests destructions to be punished
  3. Can electric vehicles help in the prevention of air pollution?
  4. Advantages and disadvantages of globalization
  5. Was the Panama Canal a good idea for Roosevelt to build?
  6. Is it the Kong or the militaries that invaded his world?
  7. Consequences of earthquakes
  8. Amazonia: The fantastic Forests
  9. Red Book: Species that should get registered  
  10. Students and the movement of society to protect nature

Controversial argumentative essay topics

  1. Russia and the United States should prevent third world war
  2. Changing policies of public school policies that are existing
  3. Is the initiative of gun control the best way to curb crime?
  4. Should gay marriage get forbidden by the government?
  5. Is there too much regulation in society?
  6. Which are the countries that are the most corrupt?
  7. Political authorities engagement in dangerous and unlawful activities
  8. The government should accept people who are disabled 
  9. Are politicians born or they nurture the talent
  10. The law: is anyone above it?
  11. Advantages and disadvantages of monarchy

Argumentative essay on technology

  1. Prohibition of graphic computer games
  2. Relationship between technology and people feeling alone 
  3. You tubers should look out to and mend vulgar comments
  4. Relationship between people and technological zombies
  5. The positive and negative effects of mobile phones
  6. Education and technology

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