Common Mistakes to Avoid While Writing a Personal Essay

There is no need to feel bad if you make mistakes because no one is perfect. Here are the mistakes you should avoid to have a good essay;

  1. Using Essay to Vent

Do not use your essay to rant or say any complicated issue to express yourself. If you take your stand and run it into the ground, there is a possibility that your reader will get your point. Give the reader a challenge of not getting what you say straight away. Give your reader a new way to look at your work by how you express yourself.

  1. Clearing Your Throat on the Page

Most first drafts consist of at least three lines. The lines should not impact the essay in any way.

  1. Writing long Essays

 It is good to re-read your essay after writing. It will help you correct your mistakes and remove unnecessary points. 

If you want your words to fit your piece, you will have to remove certain words. Do not beat around the bush too much. Instead, go straight to the point by making your essay as clear as possible. You do not need many paragraphs in your text. Go with the number you get instructed to write. There is no need for leaving a phrase that will not support your work in any way

  1. Overlooking day-to-day Life as Essay Fodder

A writer should extract meaning from the experiences and facts of life. No matter what you talk about, it should involve some details on personal transformation. Your story should have an impact on the reader. The reader should at least learn or feel something from your work. The more your text motivates a reader, the higher chances you have to score excellent points. If your essay makes the reader remember anything they have experienced in life, you are on a better track.

  1. Lazy Language

Avoid repeating phrases and words. You can decide to highlight the adjectives and adverbs in your piece. It is good to use meaningful phrases that make a lot of sense. Using words over and over again can cost your marks. Descriptions should appear only once for your work to impress the reader. Work on your vocabulary more by reading more and learning from other people.

  1. The Fear of Dialogue

The use of direct dialogue is constructive than reported speech. It is a way of showing the reader your story. Another thing, quotes don’t have to be the same. You can write to them the way you remember them.

  1. Holding Back

If you want to write a good essay, there is no room for giving up. You have to put everything while writing your essay. Vulnerability is allowed when writing an essay. If you are censoring your experiences, it is not the best time for you to write the piece. Take as much time as you want until you are ready. You should know that the more of yourself you bring to your essay, the better writer you will be.

  1. Taking Rejection Personally

There is no reason for you to feel bad if your essay gets rejected. You can put your all and get the best reviews afterward. You do not have to stop writing just because your piece got flanked. Work harder, and you will reach your goals.

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