A List Of Winning Essay Titles For 8-Year-Olds

Essay has been the one thing that began from when we were in the basics of our education and will go till the end of our education life. It is a medium of expressing all our words in pen and paper. The entire thing is all about how creative you can be and how methodically you can analyse things.

Ones you are good at analysing things then you will be coming up with great works. Though with the aggravation of time the standard of write up changes. We get introduced to different formats of write ups, the emotion stays the same when we are creating something and describing it from our own.

List of essay title for an 8 year old:

Choosing a title is quiet a tough thing and one must abide by all the rules that make a title perfect. One has to be sure that they don’t choose any exaggerating or dull topic to write upon. Especially when it is about a kid then the topics should be interesting and colourful so that even they can enjoy whatever they are writing. If they don’t enjoy today they will never enjoy in the future even.

  1. The day spent with our neighbour.
  2. What is the one thing that I would like to do when am 18 years old?
  3. What is the most secret place in my garden, where I like to keep all my hidden stuffs?
  4. Which game is your favourite, cricket or football and why?
  5. Why do we celebrate Christmas and what is its significance?
  6. What are the different seasons of holiday and what is the individual significance of each of it?
  7. Should we get more holidays than what we are getting in our school now?
  8. One night in a camp fire with your friend near a pool side, how would you like it?
  9. The most daring thing that you have ever done in your life and how you felt about it?
  10. One thing that haunts you too much and why?
  11. The nearest place that you have visited in recent years and how it has been interesting?
  12. Which plays do you like the most and which character of it is the most interesting one?
  13. What is your idea about the outer space and how would you like to visit it?
  14. Which season is your favourite season and why?

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