List Of Exciting Informative Essay Topic Ideas To Choose From

The first step to coming up with a really good informative essay topic is to understand what an informative essay is and what it should accomplish. Unlike papers where you present your opinion or try to persuade your reader of something, and informative paper should simply inform them on a topic. If you are unclear on what this should look like, think of journalism which seeks to inform its readers without the journalist’s feelings or point of view being obvious.

So, to come up with a good informative paper topic, you’ll need to choose a topic that you can fairly easily separate your own feeling from. Put simply, try not to choose a topic that you feel very strongly. Instead, choose one that you find interesting, but that doesn’t invoke a strong emotional response from you.

Start your search with these exciting sample informative essay topics:

  1. The history of fly fishing in the United States
  2. The best season your favorite sports team ever had
  3. How safety standards and testing is done for cars in the United States
  4. What strategies are being used to make trucks more fuel efficient and which countries are leading the way
  5. How the different sects of bike racing, such as road racing, BMX, downhill mountain bike, and cyclocross, got started.
  6. How historic barns and structures in your state are being preserved
  7. What incentives or disincentives your state offers for alternative energy for residential, commercial, and industrial energy users
  8. How soda was first invented, and how the soda industry has changed over time the United States and developing countries
  9. The history of National Parks in the United States
  10. The history of National Forests in the United States
  11. The difference in management between National Parks and National Forests in the United States
  12. The history of apartheid in South Africa
  13. The role that submarines played in the second World War for the United States, the Allied Forces, Germany, Russia, and Japan
  14. How the global mining industry has changed with the rise of computers and other electronics which require rare metals
  15. How nuclear power works
  16. How hydroelectric power works
  17. The history of dams and dam removal in the United States
  18. The history of distilleries, breweries, and wineries in the United States post prohibition

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