The Effect Of Socioeconomic Status On Child’s School Achievement:

According to dissertation formatting services, there are a lot of different factors that come into play when it comes to a child’s education and what they may or may not be able to achieve; especially based on the status of the child’s socioeconomic surroundings and lifestyle. Reality suggests that if you come from an unstructured home and or a lower class family than you will not have good grades or have goals to achieve a higher education. You will also be associated with the kids that are known to be bad. Also suggested by reality is that if you come from a home that has stability and or are from a well off middle class or upper class family than you will want to go to college and you will always study and be an overachiever in one aspect or another. You will also be associated with the good kids and or the cool kids.

For the most part this theory of how society sees kids is true but there are some situations that occur where miracles can happen. An example is a story of a kid who has nothing and no one and a lower education than he should have but with some help and someone to believe in him he reaches the best that he can be. Another example is a story of someone who is from a rich family; they turn out to be a completely spoiled and rotten child who just does whatever they want, whenever they want because they can just magically get away with it, because their parents will always pay for everything for them, no matter what. Doing that just encourages their nasty behavior, when you discipline children is when you show boundaries and stability.

In life there are theories and judgments and for the most part they are right, at least in one way or another; there is usually always a little bit of truth to something. Just take a look at the kinds of kids that are in classes deemed as remedial and those kids who are in classes that are deemed as advanced placement. The ones in the smarter classes are all more goal oriented and have determination where the other kids do not really care and tend to goof off in class and barely ever listen or do their homework. The socioeconomic status of a child’s life definitely has an effect on their school achievements amongst other aspects.

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